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25 Dec 2005 - 21:30


Will a graphical configuration application be provided?

Q: IPS is hard to configure for the first time user, will an easier graphical configuration application be provided?

A: I will not provide any OS/2 based graphical configuration application, for Windows I may provide a graphical configuration application at a later time. The main focus is to rebuild a web based configuration interface, in which the most common tasks may be performed.

Will a non beta version ever be released?

Q: IPS has been released in a number of alpha and beta versions for a few years now, will there ever be a non beta version released?

A: With InetPowerServer (IPS) a beta version means a version which is not tested over a very long time. Since there are new IPS releases every now and then we have not yet reached non beta status for any version. However, most IPS beta version have proved to be just as stable or even better than non beta version of other software.

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7 Dec 2003 - 01:53