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25 Dec 2005 - 21:30

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InetPowerServer v1.0.0 (Beta 1) released! Read full announcement message here.


A new IPS build has just been made available to the FTP server. This now finally includes experimental and basic support for running IPS as a service in NT environments.


I would like to remind everyone that there are IPS code made available from ftp://ftp.iq.to/pub/ips which are mostly stable and frequently updated. My goal is to produce an updated “release” soon, but there is no fixed date.


InetPowerServer v0.9.9 (Beta 2) bug fix available. CRITICAL UPDATE


InetPowerServer v0.9.9 (Beta 1) was released on 2003.07.10! Read full announcement message here.


InetPowerServer v0.9.8 (Beta) released! Read full announcement message here.


Different status pages updated. Please check if your bug report or feature wish is shown, if not, please let me know.


InetPowerServer v0.9.7 (Beta) released! Read full announcement message here.


InetPowerServer v0.9.6 (Beta) released! Read full announcement message here.


InetPowerServer v0.9.5 (Beta) released! Read full announcement message here.


X-mas time is here and I would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and when times come, a Happy New Year. This past year has been a bit slow IPS wise, but that is about to change. I'm almost ready with the next public beta and hope to bring that out any day now, it just needs a bit more testing. The code that has been slowly developing since the last public beta has proved very robust and stable.


IPS development has been progressing very well the last few months even if there has been no public beta released. There is one major feature yet to be completed before another public beta can be made. I currently has no time estimate for this. If you like to help test the Alpha builds and can provide steady feedback, consider joining the IPS Alpha Team.


IPS Author wishes everyone a Happy New Year and makes the last sections of the IPS documentation – Chapter 4 available.


InetPowerServer v0.9.4 (Beta) released! Read full announcement message here.


InetPowerServer v0.9.4 (Beta) will be released shortly after quite some time in closed testing within the IPS Beta Team.


The IPS project is finally progressing faster again. Watch this space for more information to follow. Keep in mind that Appendix A of the Documentation is updated frequently to show current development status.


InetPowerServer v0.9.3 (Beta) released! Read full announcement message here.


Closed builds of v0.9.3 (Beta) is made available to the IPS Beta Team several times a week now. To join the IPS Beta Team, make sure you have a Yahoo! ID and subscribe to the IPS-beta group at Yahoo! Groups.


As you may have noticed the promised public release keeps getting delayed. Work is progressing and it will be out soon.


A closed pre-release of v0.9.3 (Beta) was done. Most likely a public beta will be done within two weeks from now.


Site design got a facelift. Support and information information moved from front page to its own page.


Chapter 3 of the documentation is now available in its first version, please feel free to comment on any of the available Chapters through the mailing list.


As you have noticed this site has gotten a few banners, this is nothing I make money from, it just helps promote IPS on other sites. I hope you are not too annoyed by them.


InetPowerServer v0.9.3 (Alpha 7) released! (Please keep in mind that this is an alpha level release)


Descriptions and welcome messages for groups rewritten. IPS Beta Team list configured.


InetPowerServer v0.9.3 (Alpha 6) released! (Please keep in mind that this is an alpha level release)


InetPowerServer v0.9.3 (Beta) release delayed. Even though I never announced a release I had planned for a public beta drop today, this has been delayed, for more information, see the information or support forum.


Feature to-do list and Problem report list pages updated and reformatted slightly. First v0.9.3 (Alpha) version in closed test.


Site front page updated and links to mailing lists are added.


InetPowerServer v0.92b1 released!


Site is being slowly built now. A public v0.92Beta version will be released tomorrow and documentation work is progressing.

Page updated at
25 Dec 2005 - 21:05